Xinjiang To Deepen the Reform of Cotton Circulation System ...7/23/2003

   In view of the current situation, Xinjiang Vygur Autonomous Region recently worked out some implementing opinions on further deep reform of cotton circulation system. The major content is as below:

1. To further open the cotton management.
Since 2001 cotton year, the Region is to open more the cotton management, and encourage multi-channel management and competition in an orderly way. And no districts, departments and units are allowed to restrict the cotton purchase and sales work in various names.

2. To further perfect market-forming system of cotton price.
In order to promote the general open all over the country, as well as the early shaping up of an orderly market, the Autonomous Region decides to further open up the cotton purchase price.

3. Do well in supplying capital for purchasing cotton.
The cotton purchase capital is still to be supplied by the Agricultural Bank of China, which should do well in collecting capital for purchasing cotton, and avoid the “IOU note” phenomenon.

4. To quicken the reform of cooperatives and cotton enterprises.
Under the principle of separation of enterprises from cooperatives, the Region is to deep open and revitalize the management of cotton enterprises, making them an economic entity and main body of the market with independent management, responsibility for his own profit and loss, and self-development as well.

5. To further strengthen the market management.
To strictly appraise enterprises’ allow-in qualification for cotton purchase and processing, and publicize the enterprises list on time.

6. To reinforce the control over cotton quality.
Cotton purchase enterprises should purchase cotton firmly sticking to nation’s cotton standard, and cotton inspection procedures, and meanwhile direct peasants to pick, dry, store and sale cotton with difference.

7. To make efforts to expand cotton export.

8. To actively promote cotton industrial management.
The cotton planting area should, under the direction of market, train and develop cooperative organizations with planters, developing the integrated operation of “company+base+planter+trade”.