Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival Achieved Much ...7/23/2003

   Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival 2002 was celebrated in Shanghai from April 24 to May 3. Besides the series of activities held during the festival, letters of intent on all kinds of cooperation were signed, involving a total value of nearly 400 million yuan.

Professional fashion releases characterized this session of culture festival. According to statistics, the number of releases increased by above 30 percent than the previous sessions. Apart from the opening and closing ceremonies, 41 professional fashion releases and 7 model contests and fashion designing contests were held in 6 exhibition halls.

On the garment forum held by Donghua University, 31 experts from both inside and abroad gave speeches on 5 special subjects to an audience of nearly ten thousand. The subjects were all concerns of the industry such as China’s garment industry and the fashion culture after China’s accession to WTO.

It is learned that the most outstanding feature of the festival is to keep up with high-quality international expositions, to make the festival fully commercial, and to create a good economic and trading environment. It is highly thought of by traders taking part.