Textile Industry Made Good Achievement in First Half ...7/22/2003

   According to the State Economic and Trade Commission, China’s textile industry made good achievement in first half of this year.

According to statistics, the total value of exports of the textile industry grew by 10.4 percentage points monthly during the first two months of the year, 12.0 points in March, 14.1 points in April, and 15.5 points and 16.7 points in June and July. The total exports reached 449 billion yuan, up 13.3 percentage points over the same period last year.

The exported chemical fibers reached 4.62 million tons, up 22.9 points, cotton yarn 3.73 million tons, up 12.3 points, fabrics 10.5 billion metres, up 9.8 points, silk 38,000 tons, up 22.8 points, silk fabric 2.4 billion metres, up 12.8 points, and garment 4 billion pieces, up 9.0 points. The total exports of textiles and garment reached US$ 2.622 billion, up 6.9 points.

However, as the prices kept falling, profits gained by chemical fiber manufacturers dropped by 110 million yuan in the first half.